Coastal Hike to the picturesque bays of the Akamas Peninsula

by Arne

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, with a coastline of 670 kilometers. On the coast, turquoise lagoons and bays, rugged cliffs, and paradisiacal beaches await. It is said that in the past the gods came to bathe and relax on the beautiful beaches and bays of Cyprus. Adonis and Aphrodite are said to have fallen in love at the Fontana Amorosa. This beach is located on the Akamas Peninsula in the northwest of the country. The Akamas nature reserve is popular with both active and beach vacationers, because it attracts with a unique nature and dreamlike beaches. Therefore, I do not want to deprive you of this sight. In this blog post I present you my personal hike on the Akamas Peninsula, which leads to the most beautiful bays of Cyprus. For me, this coastal hike was an absolute highlight on my trip through Cyprus. I hope you enjoy reading and I’m glad that you came across my travel blog.

My hike on the Akamas Peninsula in brief

If you click on a link below, you will go directly to the corresponding section of the route. It starts from the parking lot at the Baths of Aphrodite. The first section of the route runs along a cliff and offers great views of the coast of Cyprus. The trail then approaches the sea level and passes a small cave and the worth seeing Amphitheater Bay. This is followed by the quiet Manolis Bay, which invites you for a swim. Shortly behind it is the most famous bay of Akamas: the turquoise Blue Lagoon. At the end of the coastal walk, you will reach the beach Fontana Amorosa, which also offers optimal conditions for swimming.   

The entire hike is 12 kilometers long and I needed about 5 hours. However, I often took a break at the bays, swam, and lay on the rocks. In general, the coastal hike on the Akamas Peninsula is very easy to manage. There is hardly any incline and you follow a gravel road. There are no refreshment stops or drinking water on the hike, so enough provisions should be taken. Sun protection is important as there is no shade to be found anywhere. I have marked the route and all important destinations on the map.

  • Length
    12 km (outward and return)
  • Altitude
    ↑↓ 222 m
  • Difficulty
  • Start
    Baths of Aphrodite
  • Path

Alternative hike on Akamas

At the Baths of Aphrodite another signposted hiking trail starts. The Aphrodite Trail leads to the Moutti Tis Sotiras. This mountain promises incredible views of the Akamas coast. You can find these and other hikes in this travel guide worth reading*

If you’re looking for more information and tips on hiking in Cyprus, check out this blog article.

How to get to Akamas Peninsula

Travel by car

There is a large free parking lot at the starting point of the hike (see map). You can reach it by the road E713, which you follow along the coast until the end. At the parking lot there are the Baths of Aphrodite and a restaurant. Parking is free of charge. From Polis the drive to the Baths of Aphrodite takes about 15 minutes.

By bus to Akamas  

Directly at the starting point of the hike there is a bus stop, which is served by buses of line 622. The buses start in Polis and take about 35 minutes to the final stop “Bath of Aphrodites”. I have marked the bus stop on the map. You can find more information on the website of Cyprus by Bus.

If you want to learn more about traveling by car or public transportation in Cyprus, check out my travel blog about Cyprus.

My hike on the coast of Akamas

Coastal hike to the most beautiful bays in Cyprus

I park my rental car in the free parking lot in front of the entrance to the Baths of Aphrodite. I quickly reach a sandy gravel road, on which I soon reach a campsite and the starting point of the Aphrodite Nature Trail. The Aphrodite Nature Trail leads uphill and promises breathtaking views of the Akamas coast. However, I follow the gravel road towards the beautiful bays.

Sunrise on the coast of Akamas

Short Facts for your Trip

Magnificent views of the bays of Cyprus.  

The rising sun shines warm soft light on the mountain slopes that plunge into the Cypriot coast. On the horizon, the warm tones of the sun blend with the deep blue colors of the sea. The hiking trail runs along a cliff, sometimes uphill, sometimes downhill. My constant companion is the dreamlike view of the Akamas coast, where birds fly and waves crash. A fishing boat sails in the distance.

The gravel road on the coast
The small island of Ayios Yeoryios

A hidden cave and the Amphitheater Bay  

The trail approaches the sea level. After a good 3.5 kilometers from the starting point of the hike, I reach a rock where there is a small hidden cave. This leads directly into the sea. Shortly after, the Amphitheater Bay awaits me. On the coast there is a rock formation that resembles an amphitheater. The bay is definitely worth a stop.

Small cave in a rock
Amphitheater Bay

The Manolis Bay on the coast of Akamas  

My next stop is Manolis Bay. This small bay is not approached by tours and is therefore very quiet. But that doesn’t mean that this bay of the Akamas Peninsula is not worth the visit. The view is magnificent and the rocks conjure up a great landscape. The water is turquoise blue and invites you to swim. At Manolis Bay there is also a small sea cave on the rocks. Be careful, because there are also holes on the rocks!

Manolis Bay
Sea cave at Manolis Bay

If you are looking for hikes in Cyprus, check out this book. I personally like this hiking guide series very much. The book is small and handy, offers useful information about hiking and detailed descriptions of the hikes. It has allowed me to discover great hikes in Cyprus that I would not have found without these books.


The Blue Lagoon – The turquoise paradise of the Akamas Peninsula  

Only 300 meters away is the most famous bay of the Akamas Peninsula. The Blue Lagoon attracts vacationers with incredibly beautiful water. It shines in turquoise colors and offers the best conditions for swimming. The beach is sandy and the bay is shallow. Many tour operators head for the Blue Lagoon. So be here as early as possible, otherwise it gets crowded. I had the bay all to myself and could go swimming in peace.

Blue Lagoon
Beach of the Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon

If you prefer to travel in a group, there is a possibility to join a guided tour. You don’t have to worry about transportation, excursion planning, or food, but you can completely focus on the beauty of Akamas Peninsula. I recommend booking a tour through Viator portal, where countless activities around the world can be booked easily and safely.

Fontana Amorosa – The Bay of Adonis and Aphrodite  

Right behind the Blue Lagoon hides the bay Fontana Amorosa. This is the beach where Adonis and Aphrodite are said to have met and fallen in love for the first time. Here, too, there is a pebble beach and the water is inviting for a swim. If it is too crowded at the Blue Lagoon, just come to Fontana Amorosa. I turned around at this bay and hiked the same way back to the Baths of Aphrodite.

Fontana Amorosa
Fontana Amorosa

If you are looking for a travel guide to Cyprus, check out this book. I personally like this travel guide series very much. The authors give travel tips especially for individual and low budget travelers. Moreover, not only the well-known sights are described, but also more unknown places are mentioned.

Conclusion about the hike on the coast of Akamas Peninsula 

I really liked the coast of Akamas overall. Those who appreciate nature and the sea will love this hike. The views of the sea are a highlight in themselves. No hiking experience is needed to complete the route, as it is more like a long walk. Be sure to take sunscreen and swimwear. The coastal walk is 12 kilometers long and takes about 4 to 5 hours. I was on the Akamas Peninsula in November, in the off season. It was sunny and still around 20 degrees. I only encountered a few fishermen and anglers on my hike, but I also started early in the morning. I can highly recommend this attraction, although the hiking trail is rather monotonous and not that nice. There is no shade and from midday you have to expect traffic on the gravel road. The views and bays make up for it. For me, the Akamas Peninsula was an absolute highlight on my Cyprus trip.

Hotels and accommodation in Akamas Peninsula

The best starting point for the hike and place for accommodation is the region at Chrysochou Bay. Especially in the town of Polis there are numerous accommodation options* In the town there are bus connections, supermarkets, restaurants, and everything else you need. I myself stayed at the Aphrodite Beach Hotel* The hotel is huge, but family run, clean and the staff was very friendly and helpful. Also, the hotel is right on the beautiful Yiannakis beach and very close to the start of the hike.

Yiannakis Beach

Of course, there are countless other places in the region that provide accommodations. Below you will find a selection for the entire Akamas region.

I hope you enjoyed my travelogue about Akamas Peninsula. On my Cyprus Blog I show you other beautiful travel destinations in Cyprus and share valuable tips and experiences for your trip to Cyprus. Did you like my blog post? Was I able to help you? Then I would be happy if you recommend my travel blog, leave a comment, or follow me on Instagram. Thanks for reading and have fun on your vacation in Cyprus.

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